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Help !! how do i remove mildew from washing machine rubber seals?

Try Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover Spray. Spray it on wait a few mins and then just wipe off. It worked a treat on mine and in the dispenser drawer as well were mould had appeared. You can get it in most Supermarkets but I got mine last week in Tescos and it was 拢1.97 a bottle.

Hope this helpsHelp !! how do i remove mildew from washing machine rubber seals?
Lemme guess... Neptune? I finally ditched mine for a Speed Queen. But I was told to run dishwasher detergent (not dishsoap) through a cycle with one old towel in it. Sure did work. Then you have to leave the door open, which burns out the light in it. Also, I got a new bootseal free. Report Abuse
Help !! how do i remove mildew from washing machine rubber seals?
i usually run my machine on the hottest setting and just pour a lot of bleach into the machine barrel before closing the door/lid. remember, don't put any clothes in the machine during this cycle.

this always does the trick.
You must have either a Maytag Neptune (MAV5500), Frigidaire or Kenmore front load washer. Your problem is quite common for a machine that is 3-7 years old. The mildew is formed by water that doesn't completely drain after your cycle is complete.

If you simply clean the boot (rubber seal) with bleach, you could risk bleach-spotting your clothes. I recommend that you wipe out the seal with a towel and then run an empty load with bleach. After the cycle is complete, wipe out the boot with a towel. Then leave the door open 1-2 inches after each load. You shouldn't have any more problems as long as you keep the door slightly opened and the boot fairly dry.
Boil wash use washing soda its cheap and very powerful it aslo will clean out your drain after the machine has flushed it out of the system.
On a boil wash with a bit of bleach in the machine.
Unplug the machine's plug from the wall receptacle first. Then wipe everywhere with a vinegar-soaked rag, then wipe off with a clean damp cloth. Then plug the machine back in again.
add lemon juice and salt , leave for 5-10 min麓s then rinse with cold water
Bit of bleach spray, then wipe off with kitchen paper.Or try vinegar.
The best way to remove mildew is to use Clorox-- I don't know if the seals can be reached--maybe the water with Clorox will flow over the area. I use Clorox for removing mildew from everything from the sides of my house to the deck to the bath room shower stall. DO NOT MIX CLOROX WITH ANY THING ELSE AS IT WILL CAUSE A NOXIOUS FUME THAT CAN CAUSE BREATHING PROBLEMS!

JUST DILUTE IT WITH WATER ONLY. I would dilute this with water to right strength to remove the mildew. Hope this washing machine seals can be reached to clean with the Clorox and water.
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